Tourism Australia- Sydney fish market

Tourism Australia – Australian is proud called “seafood house of Australia,” Sydney Fish Market is a large space, boisterous. Founded in 1945 on the Blackwattle Bay, Pyrmont, Sydney city center is approximately 2 km to the west, Sydney fish market after decades of development has become the second largest seafood market in the world (after a fish market Japanese and seafood). This is a great combination between ports, fish markets and seafood wholesaler for the business center or distributed to other cities.


Strolling among the stalls, you’ll hardly restrain feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of the sea inhabitants, shown by hundreds of premium fish and seafood are sold. Lobster, oysters, salmon, squid, crab … all roi fresh, beautifully presented.


Besides the fresh seafood stalls, Sydney Fish Market is also a culinary rendezvous attracted dozens of shops, seafood restaurants, sushi. Most notably, the plate of fresh seafood of all kinds, often including raw oysters, lobster, steamed squid, salmon … accompanying sauce and coleslaw, so guests can enjoy the freshest dishes strong with most sea taste and most nutritious. Next to it is the bakery, vegetables, flowers … makes the mall more and more vivid. Because of this richness, Sydney Fish Market is not only a commercial center for local people but also as an attractive destination, attracts about two million tourists each year.

Sydney calls the place “every day a seafood festival.” This is a destination you can not ignore when to Sydney.


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