Try these 14 hacks, you are gonna have a coziest bath in the world

Because bath time is the best time.

Your bathroom should be the coziest place in your home to wind down and relax. But if you’re still living with cluttered bathtub ledges and dumpy soap containers, elevate the look and feel of your tub with one of these 14 bath hacks instead. Your life — and bath time — will change forever, promise.

1. Flip a wineglass upside down to use it as a candle holder.

2. Repurpose an old wall shelf and use it as a bath shelf.

3. Turn a body sponge into a mess-free soap dish.

4. Set your book on a picture-frame easel for hands-free reading.

5. Make your own floral bath salts.

6. Toss citrus slices in the bath to make your bathroom look and smell amazing.

Citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, and lemons contain enzymes that help exfoliate dead skin cells, so feel free to rub the slices over your skin while you’re relaxing.

7. Hang eucalyptus from your showerhead for a luxurious aroma.

8. Create more bathroom storage space by repurposing a wine rack as a towel holder.

9. Make your bathroom feel like a spa by pouring your regular bottles of shampoo and conditioner into beautiful soap dispensers.

10. Make your own Instagrammable bath bombs.

11. Add some aromatherapy to your shower time with DIY shower steamers.

The next time you hop in the shower, the steam will lightly disintegrate the steamers and release the aroma of the essential oils.

12. Replace your dumpy soap container with a beautiful jewelry dish.

13. Recycle pretty liquor bottles and use them to store your bubble bath.

14. Make your own beautiful lotion bars.

By: Carly Cardellino and Brooke Shunatona
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