Your skin can predict a variety of dangerous diseases

Did you know that health problems can be easily identified with the help of our skin? The skin is the main indicator if we have any kind of a health problem.

Hence, it is important that we be aware of the signals that our skin tries to show us at times.

Diseases can be sending messages to the skin like warning flares. Unless you get to know what you need to look for, you may miss out on these underlying signs.

There are several diseases that can show up on the skin. These can actually be the signs of some internal diseases.


The skin can offer a window to what is actually happening inside your body.

The key is to spot these on time, so that the internal disease can be treated successfully.

In this article, we have mentioned about the diseases that cause rashes in adults and also the ones that show up on the skin.

Read further to know more about the underlying diseases signalled by the skin through the below-mentioned signs.

1. Dark Spots:


Dark spots that suddenly appear on the skin can be a symptom of adrenal insufficiency or Addison’s disease. People with this disease can feel pain in the muscles and joints and can also lose their appetite.

2. White Patches:


This disease where the skin loses pigmentation is called vitiligo. It develops when the cells called melanocytes are killed by the body’s immune system, causing the area of the skin to turn white.

3. Rashes:


Any sudden rash that appears on the skin shows there is something wrong with your body. It could also be an allergy to food, home chemicals, medical drugs, contagious disease or even chicken pox. This is one of the diseases that shows up on the skin.

4. Oedemas:


If you have oedemas, then it is recommended to consult an endocrinoligist because this could be a sign of hyperthyroidism.

5. New Moles On The Skin:


If the number of moles on your skin tend to increase to an uncontrollable extent, then this could be due to excessive ultraviolet exposure or hormone imbalance.

6. Acne:


There can be many reasons on why acne can turn up. It could be due to excessive oil production on the skin that is clogging the facial pores, or hormone imbalance or digestion-related problems.

7. Flaking:


Flaking of the skin can occur due to vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance, allergic reaction, dermatitis, psoriasis and few other diseases. This is also one of the signs of diseases that shows up on the skin.

8. Excessive Sweating:


Even if you are in a well-ventilated space with optimal temperature and you still experience excessive sweating, then this could be due to toxic diffuse goitre or Grave’s disease. This is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland.

By: Sravia Sivaram

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