Top 7 foods you should choose in the summer

The following foods will help increase resistance, protect your body this summer. Furthermore, with the food also enhances your ability to protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

Top 7 foods you should choose in the summer 2


With attractive flavor, cauliflower is an ideal dish to eat in the winter. You can appeal or processed into mixtures such as mashed potatoes or added to soup. Vegetables contain compounds that may help prevent cancer. Also, cauliflower supply phytonutrients help reduce cholesterol and high in vitamin C.


Fresh pineapple is the summer food. You can add the pineapple into salads or smoothies. Pineapple contains about 85% water, so you should add pineapple daily to keep your body hydrated, healthy and refreshing.


Watermelon is one of the nutritious food because it increases the amount of water in your body. Watermelon contains up to 92% water. Watermelon is a great fruit for the summer. Eating watermelon supplementation not only the country but also make your skin smooth and always plump.

Coconut water:

Coconut water helps blood circulation to the skin better. The fruit also contains high levels of potassium, providing more nutrients and oxygen, which helps the skin smooth, youthful.


Mango fruit is harvested in the summer, with high nutritional value. In mango contains acid and an Acra diol acidic, both chemicals that are believed to have antidepressant effects. Also, mango also supplies a very high sugar levels (about 12%), as well as vitamins A, C, potassium, calcium, iron, and niacin acid.


Flavonoids found in dark chocolate, chocolate can improve the ability of the skin to help protect against some types of skin damage (including UV rays issues like sunburn face sky). In addition, flavonoids can help hydrate the skin, increase oxygen saturation, and increases blood flow!


Spinach Speaking as people think to laxative, anti-constipation, by taking welding in spinach, sour, canopy temperature, blood loss, diuretic, detoxifying, beautiful skin, heat rash treatment of acne effectively boils … very suitable for hot weather.

According to the research shows that in spinach contain pectin mucus very precious to prevention and treatment of many diseases, have a laxative effect, fight obesity fat waste, suitable for people with high fat and sugar in the blood.

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