Supplementation of vitamin D for babies

Vitamin D protects against rickets, parents need additional vitamin D for children in the period from 1-3 years, vitamin D is particularly important when the child premature or under-weight.

Bringing children to sunbathe will help absorb vitamin D


The main reason to cause rickets in children is the lack of sunlight makes the process to synthesize vitamin D the body of children affected. In addition, due to diet unreasonable as not being breastfed frequently, or diarrhea reduce the absorption of vitamin D.

Manifestations of rickets vary depending on each period progressed. At this early stage, children or crying, disturbed sleep, jumpy, and much sweat while awake and sleeping, hair loss signs donuts. Late stage, the skulls show signs of exemption, before large fontanelle, soft shore, slowly closed; humped in the forehead, in the head crown to ra.Tre slow teething, sometimes deformed chest as chicken breast. The first raft of long bones; style arched bowing or grower as X. The spine has been humpback card; deformed pelvis narrow. Belly of young often stocky. Children with rickets often slow to sit, to walk. If serious illness, may appear to attack by hypocalcaemia. In later stages, rickets often leave the negative sequelae after.


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