Nutrition in Pear

Nutrition in Le results
Pears are good source of vitamin C, fiber ultra-fine, that diet foods are the first choice in the diet Mediterranean style.


A research showed that eating pears each day is extremely useful for reducing and keeping a healthy weight. The pear regularly eat 35% less risk of being obese and have higher quality food.


Pear is the supply of fiber and vitamin C great. A medium pear contains 24% of daily fiber needs of a person, but only 100 calories. Pear does not contain fat, cholesterol and sodium containing 190 mg of potassium but.

As a result, people often eat pears with higher weight ratio and consume more fiber is the main cause. Though energized and physical activity of people eating and not eating pears pears are the same, the result of people eating pears still more positive.

Pear plentiful fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, zinc, can help reduce sugar cravings. The pears also decreased intake of monounsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids.

According to studies, people who regularly eat fruit as an integral part of the diet also reduces the risk of chronic diseases.


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