Nutrition for good health in winter

Vitamin C


Winter often associated with diseases involving the respiratory tract, the addition of vitamin C outside work to help strengthen the immune system, it also does not dry the skin, vitamin C also helps protect blood vessels, anti-aging, supports the absorption of iron, calcium for your body.

To strengthen the immune system, prevent viruses and diseases related to respiratory supplement vitamin C you need for the family during the cold season.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the vitamin helps the body better absorb calcium, strengthens bones, is involved in regulating a number of enzymes, insulin secretion function, parathyroid hormone, immune system.

In winter, need additional vitamin D for the elderly and young children. An amount of 400 IU / day in terms 10mg is recommended for use in children, pregnant women and adults.

These foods are high in vitamin D


Eggs, milk, butter, fish liver
Mushrooms also contain more vitamin D and other nutrients good for the body


The disease usually causes osteoarthritis pain, discomfort in the cold season, especially with the elderly. Lack of calcium in the cold season even more dangerous than in summer. When low-temperature cold air very easily cause cramps in the legs, which is very dangerous for older people.


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