Mistakes when choosing and using sunscreen shirt

In the summer, the roads, most of them wearing sunscreen to protect the skin, but used improperly to hurt her again.

Mistakes when choosing and using sunscreen shirt 1

Hot days, the roads, most of them are trying to find ways to prevent sunlight less impact on the body. Women should use sunscreen shirt, caps, masks … men taking coats, masks. Additionally, on hot days, to prevent the impact of light on the surface of the skin, the type of thick clothing is taken advantage. However, observers on the road, many people do not know how to choose the color coat to ensure the most effective sunscreen.

In the sun has UVA and UVB rays, UVA and harmful to the health of human skin. This type of laser is created from free radicals so that this will lead to aging skin and even lead to skin cancer if it acts on the skin surface.

DNA UVA rays are not absorbed into the skin, but the impact is difficult to recognize because they do not cause discomfort. On the other hand, if not carefully protect your skin, UVA rays have the opportunity to continuously impact will lead to the body’s immune and skin in particular generally soured.

UVB rays also impact directly on the skin surface can affect the epidermis. Because of this effect make blacks go, discoloration or blotchy, heavy than sunburn. However, this type of beam to be components in the cell is then absorbed DNA disruptors and finally doubling and mutagenic.

Mutation process that if not too severe, can restore cells to normal. And if suddenly too strong, can not be recovered, it could lead to skin cancer.

Here are the mistakes many people make when buying and using sunscreen shirt should change soon:

Sunscreen shirt is made from quality fabric 

That is the thinking of most people using sunscreen shirt. Normally, effective sun protection clothing is made from jeans or cotton, are the two materials with good and effective sunscreens absorb sweat.

If your clothes are jeans with polyesters phase will make the wearer feel hot and frustrating, effective sunscreen reduced. The impermeable material will make the body sweat secret department, allergies, dermatitis.

Austrian normal sunscreen can prevent the heat on the street that does not prevent UVA / UVB (ultraviolet). Also good clothes outside the component type jeans, cotton off-ceramic often include pottery, microfiber, high-grade sunscreen nano hazelnut, … the new stop UV rays harm the skin.

Shirt sunscreen must have several layers

In fact, sometimes you just need a thick jacket sun protection sunscreen that good material is already enough.

Shirt sunscreen is enough

Many people think, just put on a shirt before going out the sunscreen is enough. In fact, so effective sunscreen, do not forget a mask, sunglasses, and especially sunscreen onto the body by sun protection clothing can only help you avoid the heat and ultraviolet portion alone .

New dark shirt is a good sunscreen

In fact, color is less bright than dark colors absorb heat but less UV protection than dark colors. So it’s best to choose light or if using dark colors, so do not feel too hot, opt for satin material because this material feels structured light, cool the wearer.

Because sunscreen clothing concepts are the same, many people often regret the money, cheap ham that selected map shirts poor quality. If you have thoughts on it quickly removed from the top right. You should avoid buying these shirts too thin. Sometimes just a thick layer of fabric also much better sunscreens that thin layer.

Tips for choosing shirt sunscreen

How to Tell cloth sunscreen to protect the skin or not, you are inspired to try clothes on sunlight. If you can see the light passes through the UV fabrics can also frequently seen on the skin.

Heat steaming light-colored shirt over dark support, but less UV protection than dark colors. Therefore, when choosing dark, you should buy satin fabric to create more comfortable to wear.

You should choose a standard shirt UPF (UV index), select the type of shirt with hat, hand covering part of the wrist is fully stable.

Washing and preserving are durable sunscreen shirt

First of all, you should use cold water to wash clothes as this will help keep the durability of materials and designs for your sunscreen shirt. Moreover, most detergents work well when used with cold water. Specifically, you should not use hot water to wash with hot water many people think will make quick coat cleaner but go with it is your shirt will quickly lose strength and fading.

Flipped shirt sunscreen when exposed

Flipped shirt sunscreen when exposed to the right will help avoid impacts shirt outside when not in use to help hard coat color fading and window fabrics easily avoid this position.

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