Losing weight with vitamin C

Vitamin C can assist you in losing weight but you should note that:

– Use more foods rich in vitamin C: That’s the kind: vegetables shrinkage, red amaranth, jute vegetables, malabar nightshade vegetables, lettuce, coriander ship, celery, coriander us, oregano, guava, tangerine , ripe, ripe blueberries, oranges, lemons … But vitamin C easily decomposes partly in temperature 1900C and 5500C temperature perfectly, so you should pay attention when processing. Lightly cooked dishes, it took less vitamin C than fried, fried, fried, stewed, steamed. The best way is, you choose healthy food and used as juice, smoothies. The food when cryopreserved also reduces the amount of vitamin C.


– Vitamin C should not drink acidic when hungry. Vitamin C has calculated irritate should not drink before eating. Should take vitamin C together with high-fat meals. And extremely important, makes effective weight loss, in addition to taking vitamin C right, you need to use proper diet and movement regime.

– Every day should not exceed 1000mg because they will accumulate causing digestive disorders. For best absorption of vitamin C, you should subdivide each drink. The reason is that vitamin C is absorbed almost completely if the amount of 60-100 mg oral dose, while they are less absorbed higher doses.

– If you use supplements, take them in the morning and afternoon or drink before exercise and 30 minutes.


Those enough vitamin C helps the body accelerate fat consumption by 30% in each episode than people lacking this quality.


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