Just spend 2 minutes each morning

You will be younger 10 years old and have a white skin if spend 2 minutes each morning, it does not take much time but effective.

Just spend 2 minutes each morning 1

Face massage

The face is like the body needs some exercise to rejuvenate and always full of life. Make facial massage as this will increase the blood circulation, ‘awaken’ skin cells, leaving skin rosy and bright, reduce stress, help you start your day in a relaxed manner.
To better, after washing the face clean, rub your hands together to warm up, then massage your face for 5 minutes. Perseverance does so regularly every night before going to bed and waking up the morning after, in a long time, your skin will stretch naturally smooth.

Drink warm water

A cup of warm water every morning, when you wake up, is an effective way to help the body awake, toxins in the body and bring smooth beautiful skin. You can also drink warm honey, just keep the body warm, beneficial for the skin, just to keep you awake to start a new work day.

Besides, you do very simple things this the night before:

Go to bed soon

Make sleep 7-8 hours a day and to sleep before 11 pm to the body, skin and hair a rest after a tiring day of work. Go to bed early will help you avoid eye puffiness, dark circles ugly. Also in between 11 pm and 1 am, the skin cells will be restored, reconstructed skin is injured, so should go to bed early if you want a beautiful skin.

Another important thing is when sleep should choose a good posture to ensure the blood circulation to the brain better. The best sleeping position is supine and pillows on a soft pillow, do not lie on the bed or upside down to prevent sagging skin, reduced wrinkle formation and elastic.


Steam your face before bed will help you get rid of all the dirt and slime of the pores. And just to steam 2-3 minutes, you can also improve your skin from acne.

You can steam the shower, taking advantage of the time to take a shower. You just turn on the hot water in the shower and stood under the shower up, massage over face for 5 minutes, finally wash your face with cold water.

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