How to use cooking oil for good health

Cooking oil is the raw material indispensable in the kitchen of every family, making cooking more appealing and nutritious. To use the product properly, we should use simultaneously two types of oil, while not so high temperature frying oil too …

Do not use oil at high temperatures

High temperatures not only destroy the nutritional content of food but also generate peroxide and other substances harmful to health. When the temperature reached the “point of smoke” of oil, the oil will burn, smoke and an unpleasant smell. So the best is to use moderate temperatures when cooking, especially when frying, deep and cooked food for oil not burned.


Do not use repeated frying oil

Cooking cooking oil through once, it is best to go down, not reused, because when oil is heated repeatedly, vitamins and some nutrients in the oil destroyed, appears certain substances harmful to health and can add both food residue after cooking our eyes do not see.

Frozen cooking oil was not harmful to health

Cooking oil from freezing when temperatures are low is a normal physical phenomenon, a mechanism similar to the phenomenon of water freezing into ice, without any chemical changes affecting the quality of oil should not cause harm the health of users. So, unable to take the east of edible oil to assess the quality of the product.

Elderly people should use edible oils contain omega 3, 6, 9

The older, the demand for fats and especially animal fat and cholesterol decreases because fatty acids in animal fats will contribute to increased blood cholesterol levels, leading to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolism. Meanwhile, to reduce the incidence of animal fats in the diet and the special emphasis on the use of vegetable oils such as soybean oil, olive oil … to protect health. These oils contain Omega 3, 6 and 9 have a high biological activity, metabolism play a role in blood cholesterol helps prevent heart disease and hypertension.


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