Bananas- good food for health


A typical fruits of the tropics, not only are delicious, nutritious, but also rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, mangie, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, C, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin, along with the presence of eight kinds of essential amino acids. Bananas are high in health work for us:


Tryptophan in bananas converts into serotonin, substance excitement spirit, will help you feel happy, relaxed, thinking of optimistic love of life direction. Bananas are a good source of fuel for the brain because they not only help you to concentrate and think clearly over but an essential mineral which helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and adjust the water balance in the body, helping to relieve stress. Moreover, there are banana fruits contain natural sugars, the sugars can stimulate the brain, as you can recall information faster and quicker thinking.

Benefits of bananas


– Losing weight: The amount of calories in each banana is very low (100 grams contains only 87 calories), vitamin extremely rich, rich in fiber, have the ability to absorb water and give you a feeling of satiety … Bananas are good for people are trying to lose weight.

– Reduce blood pressure and stroke: Do banana potassium and fiber rich, people who have high blood pressure if often eat bananas will be very good. Besides, the combination of potassium and low salt content in bananas also created a special function, which is to make the pressure at steady state. Also, thanks to reasonable proportion between magie and calcium should banana capable regulate neurotransmission processes of cardiac muscle, decreased stroke.

– To supplement the body with vitamins and minerals: vitamin A-rich bananas, B, C, iron and calcium. So just eat bananas can fully capture the necessary nutrients.

– Laxative: Banana fiber therefore has a laxative effect, avoid constipation. Do banana easily digested and absorbed so from the elderly to children are safe to use.

– Healthy stomach ulcers: Bananas help reduce acid in the stomach ulcer and a reduction in heartburn.

– Supplements for pregnant women: Bananas help pregnant mothers reduces the unpleasant symptoms in the morning when waking up. Bananas are high in iron so help increase RBC combat iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women.

In addition, bananas also against osteoporosis because of calcium, smashed stones and gallstones, enhance immunity, prevent cancer, help us eat delicious.


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