Bad habits of using sanitary pads women often get

Any  women use sanitary pads monthly. So whether you already know how to use them properly? Here are the sisters often do with their sanitary pads without knowing that so may harm yourself more.

Bad habits of using sanitary pads women often get 1

The use of scented sanitary pads

You often feel like “stink” in the days of menstruation, partly because the amount of blood absorbed into the tampon in the external environment for too long. Therefore, girls are more likely to choose scented sanitary pads to cover up uncomfortable feelings. However, the truth is that the scent was entirely caused by the chemicals and the private parts exposed to chemicals is extremely dangerous. Therefore, please take the time to change a diaper frequently to keep yourself clean and restrictions “coriander”.

Bad habits of using sanitary pads women often get 2

Do not wash your vagina when you change a sanitary pad

Feeling tired and abdominal pain symptoms will make you afraid of the water, however, you need to pay special attention to keeping the body clean when “up to date”. In particular, attention should be paid vaginal hygiene and the surrounding area to ensure that you are not contaminated by excess blood can not penetrate the tampon. In case you do not have access to clean water, you should also carefully wipe with toilet paper or wet towel offline.

Usage panties

In the days of “red light”, absolutely not wear tight underpants so do not ventilate enclosed areas causing bacteria more easily developed. When using sanitary pads scratchy, use a kind of tight underpants with moderate, not too wide to fixed tampons, avoid haphazard deviation as menstrual flow out.

Women should change tampons from 3-4 hours, maximum of 6 menstrual cycles whether little or much

Selection of the appropriate type

This is a vitally important step, because if you choose to tampons inappropriate prone to allergies or itching.

Besides, should be based on periods of more or less, depending on the time that can be selected using several types of absorbent or moderate, low, and choose the prestigious tampons, textured thin, lightweight , with technology to help evaporate moisture in dry areas to be sealed, clean, prevent infection.

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