Abdominal obesity and the higher risk of death

A US-based study of 15,000 people showed that if your normal weight but you belly fat then your life can easily be shortened.

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Normal weight of adults is often measured based on body mass index BMI compares weight with height respectively. But in this study, the scientists focused on the waist size of the human hip, to consider abdominal fat they have built or not.

They found that men with normal BMI and waist circumference, abdominal fat are, have a high risk of death twice as overweight or obese according to the BMI measurement.

Women with normal weight but have fat belly also higher mortality rate of 32% compared with obese women but not abdominal fat accumulation.

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Lack of awareness of the importance of abdominal fat can lead to the person distributing abnormal fat in the body to have false sense of security, or feel reassured that they do not need to exercise, may eat whatever they want because they “lean”. While true, if a person has a normal BMI but to abnormal waist circumference is also worse cases have a high BMI.

To explore the relationship of abdominal obesity and longevity, the researchers tracked data of more than 15,000 people from 1988 to 1994, lasted until 2006.

Average for about 14 years, about 3,222 people died, including 1,404 people with cardiovascular disease.

Normal-weight men with abdominal obesity should prevent diseases related to the heart, because these people are at risk of dying from heart disease 78% higher than those with a BMI equal but not integrated Belly Fat. And women of normal weight and belly fat are doubled risk of cardiovascular deaths.


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