Weight loss in winter

1. Chicken soup

Soup containing large amounts of water, easy satiety yet low in calories. Although liquid food feels less satisfying as solid food, the study found that hot soups are exceptions, such as chicken soup and porridge. Chicken soup can help you recover faster after a cold.
2. Squash

The type of winter squash is rich in fiber creates a feeling of satiety and calorie. Recipes also supplies bea-carotene and vitamin C, antioxidants that help the immune system making you more active enthusiasm.

3. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber, vitamins, immune booster. In addition, it also contains less sugar than potatoes, do not cause blood sugar spike and starch cravings.

4. Oatmeal

Oats is the best breakfast for the winter because it is warm, comfortable feeling no, maybe served with a variety of foods like bananas or nuts.
Oats are rich in fiber capable intestinal bacteria breeding, positively influence the way the body to store fat, blood sugar balance, releasing hormones …

5. citrus fruits

Oranges, grapefruit are rich in fiber, vitamin C and have scent helps lose weight. Fruity citrus capable of sedation, reducing stress in winter.

6. Chili


A recent study has resulted in the possibility of weight loss of chilli, chilli dishes cooked with lots of protein and fiber. Peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical plant capable of promoting energy metabolism, reducing the risk of obesity and the metabolic syndrome.


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