Using eyeshadow in the wrong way

Use eyeshadow is how to build buzz for the face. However, many people spend a lot of time to care little that efficiency is not satisfactory.

Just a pastel with the elimination of mistakes, you will create natural charming eyes.

Using eyeshadow in the wrong way 1

Skip cream lining

The biggest mistake many people make is not applying lotion before applying the eyeshadow primer. The cream liner has many uses such as moistened eyelids, helping eyeshadow eyeshadows fastness and keep from falling down her cheeks. Skin cream can be used to replace cream eyeliner. Dab concealer on the eyelid before applying eyeshadow

Using eye makeup before applying foundation

Use foundation to create flawless skin before will help keep more long-lasting eyeshadow. Experts suggest using foundation first, then just apply a color eyeshadows, instead of using multiple colors which results are still not satisfactory.

Using nude eyeshadow matching skin tones

Nude eyeshadow elegant, easy to combine with any color tone, but sometimes other eye colors less attention than beige or brown color. Often people will use neutral colors, but if you add a little bronze or yellow iridescent pink sparkling eyes will help further attract and seduce.

Only use a dab eyeshadow brush

A little way out, use your fingers to dab eyeshadow instead of a brush. First, dab hand at chalk up his eyes, then put his finger between chalk and brush up eyelids. If you want to create a smoky eye effect, use eyeliner to paint over the water, then use your fingers mi blur out.

Using too many colors

Instead of painstakingly painted several times eyeshadow, make ingenious use only one color, looks more refined and luxurious. Simply use a soft brush and matte eye shadows, a little darker than skin color. Then create a haze around the eyes. If makeup for the night, can add little darker from the pencil.

Too much eye

Eyeshadows cause falling cheek is sticking by too much pollen on the brush, especially pastels emulsion. The best way is to wet the brush, soak a little color emulsion and pressed up where necessary eye makeup. If using powder eyeshadows left, wetting the brush under running water and clean flakes for color remained. When trying a new color, start to dab a little, okay new color extra mile is better than applying “the hand”.

Use black for the “smoky eye”

Can create sexy smoky eyes with subtle colors such as brown, gray or even dark plum and blue. Apply super dark black is also a way. However, black smoky eyes more natural, try using soft eyeliner pencil line up eyelids and smudge brush away.

No powdering under the eye

Many people are afraid to dab color under the eyes looks like pandas so often ignored. Can be avoided by using a tapered brush eyebrow powder eye into thin narrow place, then hit back color to wrinkle and pull toward the eyes in the form of the letter V.

Eye makeup with eyeshadows

Can be used for many different cosmetic eye makeup, not necessarily using eyeshadow. Such as blusher used to create the effect of wet dusk or chalk as an eyeshadow bronzer to tan coloring. However, you should avoid too dark brown make you look “sick”, so choose the brighter copper color.

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