Steps for basic cleansing

Step 1: Wet cotton with warm water, then gently wipe the eyes, along the nose first and then to the remaining areas on the face. Use warm water to wipe first with moist skin effect, making it easier and makeup remover limit skin damage.


Step 2: For the cotton bleaching products makeup remover and gently clean the skin. We should pay attention to the hidden parts like nose wings, the bottom lip …

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly with cleanser.

Step 4: Once the skin surface has been cleaned, we should lotion with rose water, moisturizer to balance skin moisture and tighten pores. Besides, you should also use eye drops, lip balm to protect these parts.

Tips can not forget the makeup remover


– You should use soft cotton makeup remover to clean up more easily without damaging the skin.

– When removing make, we should pay attention to the eye area and lips 2 by 2 is the sensitive areas and the most vulnerable.

– You should use bleaching products from nature such as coconut oil, olive oil, honey, aloe vera … These products are not only effective makeup remover, cleansing the skin, but also have the ability to moisturize and restore the skin after makeup.


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