Smooth skin by washing right ways

1. Cleansing

A whole day long, dirt and make-up class that clogged pores, very easy to cause inflammation, rashes. Therefore, before washing your face you should make sure you have done steps up remover. Do not think cleanser can replace the function of bleaching products. You should combine the two steps to your skin “breathe” and become more youthful.


2. Wash your hands before you wash your face

Every time cleansing, certain to wash your hands before. Each time that you small specialized hand sanitizer or soap into the palm, then rub them within 30 seconds and wash your hands before you start cleansing. If after that hand rubs are no bubbles or foam in hands too dirty, you should wash and extra rinse wash hands again.

3. Wash your face properly


After rubbing his hands together to foam float, starting from top to bottom, side rubbing in circles clockwise, no matter where you massage should not exceed 30 times, it should not use excessive force. Noting tee area, around the nose and eye socket. Zone T regularly erupt but not so that use excessive force.

4. Do not wash your face too many times

Even if you have oily skin should not wash very often, if not, when you wash oil is also “squeeze” out of the water in the skin. On days when the weather is too cold and stay indoors all day or just go out a little, it does not necessarily have to face.


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