Sharing the ways to prevent wrinkle effectively

Limit exposure to the sun

Sun exposure is the main factor contributing to wrinkles. The harmful UV rays cause to be serious to sensitive skin. We take away the natural moisture of the skin, collagen weakened and unable to protect skin from the ravages.

Use sunscreen

If you want to protect your skin from harmful rays, you must not forget to apply sunscreen often. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF (you can refer to this article to know the number on sunscreens only).


The older, the body’s need for anti-oxidation increased. Metabolic functions of the body rapid decline as you age. Ability to poor digestion and metabolism system inefficient operation usually causes the skin to deteriorate.

Sleeping correct posture

Improper sleep posture as lying face will hinder directly on the skin leads to wrinkles. Make a habit of supine to avoid this situation.

Aloe vera gel and egg whites

Aloe vera gel and egg whites are abundant sources of Vitamin E gives youthful skin. You can create a composite from two ingredients and then apply to face, and massage gently for about 30 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Keep relaxed mood


You need to learn to stay calm though in too many situations difficult challenge to her. Do not think too much and put pressure on ourselves but to retreat to relax, maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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