Products you need immediately in this summer

In summer, women necessarily need to have these items in your bag. It was not exactly the cosmetic beauty but that’s necessarily possible cosmetic skin care line with hot sunny days.

1. Exfoliating Cream

Products you need immediately in this summer 1

Most women are by heart the daily skincare routine, but sometimes she was not really to worry about exfoliating regularly. The squamous cells not only darkens your skin color but also obstruct the process of leaching nutrients from body lotions and serums.

Unveiled for the product she exfoliating salt scrub from TENDERS -SALT with all-natural formula of sea salt helps deep cleansing and nourishing the skin. The combination of the minerals are carefully distilled from the North Atlantic waters and the scent from plant oils bring subtle touches absolutely help you relax after stressful working hours.

2. Cream with loose structure, light

Products you need immediately in this summer 2The Hot weather of summer is always the main reason why you hesitate when applied to the face too many layers of support, especially when your cream quite thick and greasy cause. That your fears will be resolved with ECOLOGICAL COMPOUND, because this is a product with creamer thin, light and penetrates the skin quickly, while ensuring the adequate supply of nutrients and moisture to your skin.

ECOLOGICAL COMPOUND be appreciated by ingredients extracted from rare plants such as ginseng, horse whip and rosemary, which helps promote the production of collagen, strengthen and restore energy to the skin, while lightening the skin and prevent aging. In addition, this product has the ability to help increase the efficiency of the next step up support to 200%, even 300%. ECOLOGICAL COMPOUND is an optimal choice for the girls, even men are looking skin but afraid the hot summer.

3. Anti-Aging Serum

Products you need immediately in this summer 3

In the hot summer, the skin becomes more sensitive to the weather with the spill expression and acne more often. Meanwhile, the girls will be extremely worried, not knowing what to choose products to solve these problems. This nightmare will disappear because we had the Tropical Resins Complex. This product is one of the most successful products of laboratory professionals Sisley.

With ingredients including zinc along with extracts from tropical plants such as Iris trees, rosemary purifying effect, causing pores, reduce sebum and thus help prevent acne, suitable for oily skin, combination skin, and acne. The more amazing thing that the product brings, it is the ability to control extreme greasy while extremely light texture. Want to control greasy summer day, please think of Tropical Resins Complex.

4. Sunscreen

Products you need immediately in this summer 4

You also know UV: UVA, UVB is the main agent 2 causes darkening of the skin, aging. With the severe weather as today, although you have to protect the skin and body with a mask, shirt sunscreen … still not considered safe for the skin. You necessarily need one sunscreen!

So, you are concerned and what are your expectations in this product?

Sun protection factor sunscreen to know for how long?

In addition to sunscreen, the product also uses different?

Products are greasy, heavy hiss as the face or not?

Are prices appropriate?

What brand should buy?

Clarins UV Plus 2015 is one suggestion for you. Plus UV index in 2015 brought a perfect sunscreen with SPF 50 PA ++++ up to. This sun protection factor not only gives you time to more than 10 sun hours but also protect the skin absolutely free from UVA and UVB rays – the agent causing aging and skin cancer due to the inhibit the proliferation of melanin and free radicals.

In addition to sunscreen, UV 2015 has the ability to combat the effects of environmental pollutants such as car exhaust, dust, bacteria … outdoors, the radiation emitted from computers, printers, projectors, copiers, air conditioning … in the work environment.

Completely new formula in 2015 with component UV Plus moringa Olivera tree helps anti-aging surface and cantaloupe intensive anti-aging. Structural liquid, oil-free skin you are completely relaxed, worry-greasy feeling on the skin or pumpkin skin when using the product.

5. Perfume

Products you need immediately in this summer 5

Summer heat will cause the body to secrete more sweat. Perfume users without the appropriate kind of options will cause unpleasant body odor more than. Summer fragrances used in the best possible type of nature combined with the skin to create a pleasant fragrance to mask body odor. It must promote the effects they can have sweating.

You should use the line of fragrances Eau De Toilette smells grassy, fresh (fresh) herbs group with soothing scents such as rose essence, jasmine, grapefruit, lavender … The scent Aqva Divina from BVLGARI brand is a great suggestion for you this summer. Products bring freshening breath, exciting from the ocean, where the waves come in tandem themselves freely and pure.

6. Scent for home & car

Welcome to all visitors during the family with a fragrant mist is a Mediterranean tradition. Imagine the fragrant atmosphere of a summer evening in a walled garden full of verbena, subtle scents of lemon freshness discharge title.

With just a few gently spray action, you will feel yourself to Provence France. Combined with scented bags to marinate gentle fresh scent drawers, cupboards and suitcases for travel. Verbena soap saves Lemon scent is discharged without drying your skin with ingredients from 100% palm oil.

Opportunity to own luxury items from the BVLGARI brand, Clarins, L’Occitane, Standers for a discount of up to 60% and the invaluable gift.

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