Oil skin care

1. Use rose water oil removal

Rose water toner removes oil looks very attractive with oily skin, but actually it can make your skin worse. This causes dry skin toners, lose excess oil should also boost the skin produce more oil.

2. Moisturize wrong way


You should use oil-free moisturizer, no glycerin and humectants to keep water in the skin. Instead of using creams or ointments thick oily, you should use the liquid, gel, serum.

3. Makeup thick


Makeup remover very thick and not be full at the end of day makeup can clog pores. When buying cosmetics, you should know how to use cosmetics, choose the type of oil-containing niacinamide, a vitamin B derivative can absorb oil.

4. Do not wash your face after exercising

Sweat during exercise can bring dirt and bacteria entering the pores, clogging it and causing skin infections. Wash your face after exercising is important, you should bring a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzol peroxide.

6. Wash your face too many

Wash your face can make you feel the skin firm, smooth and fresher. But do not wash your face too much. Natural skin lubricants need to moisturize, and wash your face too much oil was lost, causing skin pushed into the “arid”, makes skin produce more oil, causing clogged pores, to pores.


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