Neck skin care

Collagen supplements

According to a German study, women taking the supplement collagen approximately 2.5g per day for 8 weeks will see deep wrinkles around the eyes decreased approximately 20%.
Also similarly to the neck, after eight weeks, levels of collagen precursors of members increased to 65%. The amount of collagen added to skin you more, your skin even stretch over time.

Exercise regularly

Exercise also can help prevent aging. Scientists have studied skin samples before and after 3 months of exercise per week 2 times. Exercise regimen makes the skin surface “young” over 1 year of age, the dermis below the skin surface thicker and more elastic, making the skin becomes rejuvenated.
Taking vitamin C for skin care


Not just to drink, you can use vitamin C to the skin. When used in conjunction with sunscreen, the study found antioxidant vitamins increases the effective sunscreen double and promote the regeneration of skin.
Vitamin C increases the natural defenses of the body with UVA rays freedom. You should take care of the neck with serum containing L-ascorbic acid, a form of vitamin C easily absorbed into the skin and stimulate collagen production to neck skin elasticity, make more.

Load omega evening

Omega-3 and 6 are essential tools for the production of collagen in the body. And the best time to load it is evening. When you sleep, your body will work to reconstruct the membrane and skin, including neck skin. If you eat omega after 6 pm, they will not be converted into energy for other functions of the body before sleep, so your body can use it to regenerate skin.


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