Natural Skin Care Tips

1. Perform a scientific diet


Eating more fruits and vegetables science with vitamins, whole grains and lean protein; just enough powder, sugar; saturated fat and salt. Avoid consumption of fast foods, canned foods and carbonated beverages. Do not overfeed, stopping when no longer feel hungry. Failing abstinence makes the body excessive nutrient deficiencies, while making your appetite grow. Occasionally treat yourself to a meal at will as a way to relax. You should pay attention to give the body enough water (about 1.5-2 liters per day).

2. Exercise lightly


Light exercise on a regular basis is good for your body and your skin. The exercise helps blood circulation, perspiration, keeping the body supple, prevents premature aging and helps you relax, reduce stress. To the base of aerobic, yoga, meditation …; walk in the park; go swimming … regular exercise makes you more excited and it alone at home. No strenuous exercise, pay attention to the knee, spine, cardiovascular health to choose a most suitable way of campaigning.

3. Learn to relax

Learn to control anger, stress control for all the factors are that your body and your face wince aging very fast. Please choose a suitable couple relaxing in free time. A few close friends to share is how to relax and overcome stress as possible. No handling work when we’re angry, upset, depressed or overly anxious. Relax and return to work when the mind was at ease.


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