Natural makeup

Holding brush

A small makeup tips to the girls get a daily natural substrates is holding the last part of brush. How to keep this brush will help loosen its palm, from which the substrate is soft and more naturally.


Scientific makeup to hide imperfections of the skin


Buy quality brushes and holding the brush properly is the first step to help you get the tools to effectively supporting the natural makeup, the next step you need to learn how concealer perfectly. If you have acne, scars, marks or redness or dark circles around the eyes, you refer to in the article “makeup hide bad skin problems”.

Also, for the experts they often apply makeup makeup palette taken from painting to art applied to the skin. Basic Recipes in this makeup method is: Use the opposite color to cover up weaknesses.

Suppose you want to cover the redness, you can use blue, the opposite of the color palette to conceal skin.

Two colors used to draw eyebrows


Most women we often have the habit of using one color only when an eyebrow, but experts said that despite what is your hair color, then two dark-brown gray-brown and should still be used in combination to create brow shape. Also, use the brow gel will fix the hair, giving you perfect shape.

Use lip pencil correctly

Besides choosing lipstick matching your lips, the lips lead product is indispensable if you want to look perfect, especially the lips will be extremely sharp shape. Car rims or lips with the pencil outline, then beat up lipstick.

To keep a long lip color: Apply lip pencil outline and the same color. Car rims or lips with the pencil outline, then beat up lipstick.For lip color (nude) complete: use nude lip pencil darker edges you use a tone. Depending on the preferences you want to shape your lips will outline clear before lipstick or lip correction should be soft, it will do

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