Natural makeup for girls

Daily Eye Makeup

Always big round eyes, impressive without a keen eye liner or curved lashes with mascara brush thickness is due to the natural makeup you can apply daily.


To eyeshadow stick longer term, rather than elected eye cream rubbed onto the background, you should choose a cream colored lining nude or pale yellow color as the background layer copper eye makeup extremely effective. Then ring fingers spread to elect a class eye eyeshadow pale tones like pink glosses, beige or yellow brass nipple. You can hit a little in the eyelid with dark brown sugar for your eyelid rims 2 is shaped more clearly. Finish step perfect eye makeup with black eyeliner killer road leg eyelids.

More natural makeup for eyebrows

Eyebrows bold personality will immediately help your face more impressive, more youthful and natural. However, the principles that you can apply bold type eyebrow eyebrow is not too big mold, causing facial lines overwhelmed before.

After shaping eyebrows matching faces in pencil, take color powder coated color coincides with color eyebrow hair. Recipes help to mold and color the eyebrows is the day that holds more mascara brush for eyebrows.

Natural lip color


Most of the way natural makeup tutorial usually recommend applying a layer of balm parties or nude lipstick to your lips natural beauty as possible. However, sometimes the trench lip color will make your face becomes pale.

Recipes simple and effective for the lips more plump, sweet and not naturally pinkish carmine with 2 steps are Shandong and lip. After moisturizing lipstick, use a lip pencil sharpener pale pink lotus bold guys lower lip and part heart ring finger are colored canopy lead to the outside.


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