Gold rules for acne skin

1. Always keep facial skin clean

On summer days, your skin sweat more and become an ideal environment for the bacteria that cause acne activity. Therefore, always keep the skin clean is extremely important factor in acne skin care.

At night, the sweat glands become more active, seborrhea which clogs pores and causes acne grows. Wash your face helps remove sebum, dirt removal to skin is always dry and clean. When wash your face, you can gently massage the face to soften the skin, improve blood circulation and rejuvenate the skin.

You should use the cleanser for acne or oily skin to cleanse the face in the morning, before bed and after exercise. In particular, you should care tee area carefully as this is where much sebum and most easily erupt.
2. Drink plenty of water

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Filtered water is an indispensable ingredient in skin care regime, especially the skin with acne. Water helps your skin morning and remove harmful bacteria from the body, “stripping” of the dead skin cells and quickly regenerate new skin cells, while blurring the bruises left by acne scars. So let’s make a habit of drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day you will soon see results.

According to experts, to drink a glass of water every morning before breakfast would be good for the skin. The body after a night of metabolism, the scum and toxins in the body if not excreted in time will cause acne rebellion. Now, take a spade white water in the morning is the best way for all toxic.

3. Do not touch or squeeze acne hand


Another bad habit that’s fair or fondled, touched the surface breakouts. You should know that his hands touched a lot of everyday items such as computers, phones, clothes …. so that the hand is always a place containing many bacteria. When regular hands away from the face, then you are abetting “the enemy” appeared on the surface.

Also, some people said that if the type of extraction would soon. In fact, when acne unripe, instead the type of extraction to get the residue off, you press them accidentally deeper down, make acne inflammation and infection. Squeezing soon left deep wounds and scars easily. Therefore, stop this bad habit unless cleansing or shaving.


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