DIY natural moisturizer: Magic for dry skin

Dry skin comes with other problems like flakes, itching, rough skin and so on. To beat it, you might have tried many beauty products but there is hardly any constructive solution. Now, you can treat your dry skin problems at home with these 100% natural moisturizers.

Though not meant for everyday use they must be prepared fresh and applied on skin (as mentioned) to see a difference. Ingredients used to prepare these DIY natural moisturizers are extra beneficial for dry skin.

Do note you cannot store these for future use. The fresher you use these DIY natural moisturizers, the better it is for your skin.


Check the DIY natural moisturizer recipes now and get relief from all your dry skin and related problems.

DIY Natural Moisturizer Recipe I: Aloe Vera + Coconut Oil

Both aloe vera and coconut oil being moisturizing in nature help benefit the skin. Apply it on your body post a bath, three to five times in a week. Please note, to prepare this you will need aloe vera leaves (and not the gel only).

a)Cut the aloe vera leaves into pieces, wash and grind them to a paste.

b) For 2 aloe vera leaves, add 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix to a light green colour paste.

c) This can be stored upto 7 days from preparation, away from sunlight.

DIY Natural Moisturizer Recipe II: Olive Oil + Beeswax + Honey

As you will be using beewax for this, you need to be extra-cautious at the first step where you have to melt the wax. The rest is very simple to do. This you can use once or twice in a week. Ensure all the products are pure and raw when making this DIY natural moisturizer for dry skin.

a) In the microwave, melt the beeswax. Bring it out when it melts and is lukewarm.

b) In the melted beeswax, add raw honey and olive oil.

c) Mix the three ingredients – raw honey, olive oil and melted beeswax.

d) This has to be applied before you take a bath. Let it rest on the skin for 15 minutes.

e) Then, take a shower.

DIY Natural Moisturizer Recipe III: Papaya + Curd

Though this may sound like a fruit mask, but this actually moisturizes the skin to the core. Apply before a bath, and use it once in a week.

a) Strain the curd for 15 minutes.

b) In half a bowl of hung curd, you will need two tablespoons of papaya pulp.

c) To prepare the papaya pulp, peel, chop and grind small pieces of papaya.

d) Mix the papaya pulp and hung curd well.

e) Massage it all over your body, relax for ten minutes and then, head for a bath.

By: Kripa Chowdhury
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