5 magical amazing uses of oatmeal

If you are considering a natural cleansing, benign, non-irritating product, please take the time to seriously think about the benefits of oatmeal offline.

5 magical amazing uses of oatmeal 1

1. The ability to deep clean formidable

After step up removal, we use cleanser to clean the skin again. This is considered dual cleaning methods scientists helps dislodge any dirt, cosmetics residues deep in the pores.

You just try to wash your face with cotton wool oatmeal and cleaned as how often did, make sure to obtain surprising results.

When wet will be pasty and capable of absorbing oil, dirt is not inferior to kaolin (clay, also called kaolin), can creep deeper into the pores and causes really deep clean your skin.

2. If used daily oatmeal you will not need to exfoliate

Saponin substances contained in oatmeal will purify thousands of cells die every day are born naturally.

Instead of using creams or industrial salt exfoliation, you absolutely can save your wallet by the method “means both worlds” when washing the face with oatmeal.

3. Soothing irritation

Story allergies or skin irritation is what often happens to most women when changes in weather, get acquainted with some new cosmetics … Then, the skin cleansing products industry will become “overloaded” with skin and cause irritation condition more serious.

Oatmeal, on the other hand, the gentle and secure fiber-rich foodstuff to bring this care therapy is not inferior to the spa.

4. Skin whitening and bruising

Its one other effect is written to the “gold window” of the world beauty is the ability to whiten the skin and bruising are very effective.

To promote this effect to the max, you can mix with fresh milk, oatmeal or unsweetened yogurt instead of warm water.

5 magical amazing uses of oatmeal 2

5. Reduce blackheads

Blackheads are born from the accumulation of impurities in pores and oxidized. The cleansing of the skin with the oatmeal regular course will also help us get a clearer skin, meaning that blackheads will not have much “land” for development.

A few things to note when using oatmeal to wash your face:

– Oatmeal to wash face must be 100% pure non-doped spices, milk or preservatives used in processing.

 – The best way to wash your face with oatmeal for flour in a small bowl, add warm water processing tattooed just enough to shape, to the soft dough and dough and then massage the face.

– Wash your face with warm water, then cold water and ending with toned skin.

– Use a hair cap in the process of cleansing to prevent dough from sticking to the hair.

– Should we be prepared to buy powder, granular or smooth soft was rubbing better what kind of coarse grain oats (quite hard and potentially hurt the skin when rubbed).

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